Abraham and Scapegoating a Rabbi in Brooklyn

A  friend of mine sent this comment about the bleach attack in Brooklyn on a courageous antagonist of abuse and abusers. It illustrates the costs of standing up to a group of scapegoating hoodlums posing as protectors of  the faith.

“Thought  of you and your interest in scapegoating this morning when I read the shocking article in the NYTIMES about the ultra-Orthodox rabbi in Brooklyn getting bleach thrown in his face by a neighbor because he was standing up for the children who had been sexually abused by other rabbis, community leaders, faux-therapists, etc.  

“All the things you mention about scapegoating had been done to him over the last couple years:  articles in local papers denouncing him, demanding that people not associate with him, treating him as a pariah. He’d been shunned at synagogues. He’d even been shot at. Everyone made it perfectly clear why he was being shunned and tormented — because he was siding with the victims of sexual abuse against local religious authorities,  demanding justice against their abusers, some of whom he named publicly.

“Even with the guilty verdict handed down yesterday against a rabbi who’d abused a young girl, the  community was rallying to the defense of the abuser (“It’s not true! He’s a  good Jew!”) and denouncing the man who supported the verdict — and got  bleach thrown in his face.

“At first I thought, “My god, why would  these people be so rabid about sacrificing their own children?” And then I  remembered Abraham was going to kill Isaac because his god said to.  And Abraham is a hero for that. What’s a little child abuse next to killing the  kid?”