Bully Trump is a Great Scapegoat

How remarkable that scapegoat and scapegoating have become such a familiar word in the coming election.  And how the concept has become so confused and self-serving.

Trump is a classic bully and while bullying, scapegoating and a scapegoat have much in common they are not the same. A bully is an individual who has many motivations: power, sadism, narcissism failing self-esteem and so on.  But as Dr. Scapegoat has tried to emphasize in this blog, scapegoating and the creation of a scapegoat is a group rather than an individual phenomena. Bullies like Trump are people “picked” for their special attributes to perform the scapegoating function for their cohort. The group process is fickle and so, as so many scapegoating leaders have discovered, they are always in danger of transforming into the scapegoat. (See Nixon, for example.)  The synergy between a bully and the scapegoating/scapegoated Janus is a favorable intersection between the individual’s special psychology and the group’s ongoing process.  As we have learned in the debate and the 3 AM twitter rants, Trumps psychology is well adapted to either identity.

But he is never alone in his pursuit of the presidency. His targets as a scapegoater are also ours. He is the mouthpiece and point person for   our  aims, chosen because he communicates racism, sexism, stupidity, and hysteria; all the attributes that we disavow or parade, depending on what side of us we show to the world,   Trump is our ‘star’, our best available scapegoater and a great potential victim as well. We are behind him wherever he goes until he falls. As Cassius said, “The faultdear Brutus, is not in our ‘stars’ / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

In a group, the difference between being a scapegoater or a scapegoat is micron thin.  At the moment Trump is servant-monster to both republicans and democrats. We both egg him on and he responds with more florid and over the top rants against our victims. If he breaks, and that could happen if he wins or loses, it is because we have found a weak vessel who we have pushed past his breaking point. It’s quite a show so far and both groups have enormous stakes in the outcome.

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