A ‘Just’ Revenge for George Bush?

Dear Dr. Scapegoat:

Leaders have been brought to justice for their violations by the efforts of human rights activists and courts (e.g. Milosevich). What about Bush? He and his cronies (his cabinet and other support groups) have perpetuated crimes at the national  and international  level when torturing and imprisoning the innocent and   guilty without due process. Also, he/they carried out a lengthy war in Iraq based on lies that opened and unleashed worldwide terrorist aggression and destroyed a country. Are Bush and his group/s too powerful to bring to justice? Is Bush being incompetent and weak and therefore a perfect dupe and potential  scapegoat and/or is he the monster behind the deed? What can people like myself who want just revenge do given your scapegoat paradigm?

Dear questioner:

Thank you for your question. In my TEDx talk I deal briefly with methods of dealing with the bullies and the scapegoats of the world, including acts of revenge. The legal concept of torts, injury, tried to bring abuse, scapegoats, and revenge into some codified form, so that the revenge cycle would not be endless. The verdict on Milosevich, the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, the Nuremberg trials are also examples of  attempts at justice on a worldwide scale. I’m not a lawyer but I’m sure the constraints on bringing potential defendants, Bush for example, to the Hague are tight.

However, Bush might qualify. Time and, as you imply, the strength of counter forces in holding him accountable for his actions, will tell.

From what I have learned secondhand, Bush was a bully as a child, a loser at Yale, and an addict, alcoholic, and business failure as he developed. His family connections and money certainly turned that around in the outer world, but in a position of responsibility he was true to previous form.

Should that have been a surprise? All Americans have reaped the painful and damaging harvests of electing him. A majority didn’t believe the evidence that was readily available. Education and consultation are sometime all one can hope for.

To me Bush was an incompetent and inadequate man born into a family power group that needed someone with his name and primogeniture. A kind of graceless scapegoat. But not so much of a victim that he couldn’t have changed the evil he did.

So you ask for just revenge! We have some faint legal options. More violence? I doubt if that will help. Revenge is a slippery slope but necessary in some form or other for many victims.

Dr. Scapegoat


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