Help for the Scapegoat

Judging from the  number of  letters I've received recently  asking how to cope with their scapegoat role, many people feel like scapegoats. It makes sense given our collective world. There are so many warring factions and polarities in the United ... read more

Tayyip and Donald: Bullying Bedfellow

Dr. Scapegoat is overwhelmed these days.  Scapegoating, never just an academic matter or the stuff of family disputes, has become routine in the White House and international politics . I wake up remembering my Dr. Scapegoat blog and vow to write a ... read more


Legacy: 1 : a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : bequest. 2 : something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past <the legacy of the ancient philosophers> Sure I'm interested in ... read more

Dr Scapegoat Wonders About CEO’s as Presidents

Several years ago I reviewed the demography of the people I was working with and discovered that almost half were CEO’s of private corporations. The companies they ‘ran’ were mostly large and very successful; among them were  Fortune 100 ... read more

Bully Trump is a Great Scapegoat

How remarkable that scapegoat and scapegoating have become such a familiar word in the coming election.  And how the concept has become so confused and self-serving. Trump is a classic bully and while bullying, scapegoating and a scapegoat have ... read more

Scapegoats:Innocent and Guilty

DRSCAPEGOAT  was a created effigy ,  a serving simulacrum  inspired by what doctors should do best, that is provide help for people who suffer. Dr. S opened   theory and practice of scapegoating to the internet wilderness and promised to answer ... read more

Never Again

This introductory note appeared in NY Times on March 12, 2016: “LA SELLE-SUR-LE-BIED, France — “Jacqueline Sauvage and Norbert Marot married as teenagers and built their dream house of wood and stone with a big garden and terrace in this village 70 ... read more

Book burning, Afghan Style

Farkhunda Malikzada was 27 and an aspiring student of Islam when she was destroyed by a mob in Kabul. She was beaten, stoned, run over by a car, doused with gasoline, burned ( her blood saturated clothes barely caught fire); all this documented on ... read more

Abusers and Complicitors

For the past few months I have had a number of letters asking for help in understanding the psychology of scapegoaters.  The writers, often self-identified scapegoats, wonders how their tormentors survive the difficult emotions that they  should ... read more

The Space between Revenge and Forgiveness

We all bore witness to forgiveness  at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in  Charleston. The congregation members who lost love ones showed the power of that  sentiment. They helped all of us learn how forgiveness may support victims and ... read more