Longevites as Complicitors

  The effects of group and system behavior are long term, often beyond the scope and time line of what individuals care most about or even know and remember. This has profound effect on scapegoating, always a group process, and on ... read more


    Dr. Scapegoat believes complicitor is a noun whose time has come!   It’s derived from the adjective complicit, which Merriam-Webster defines as “having to commit a crime or do wrong in some way.” That definition doesn’t ... read more

Facing 2015: Some old and new ideas

    Dr. Scapegoat feels obliged to reiterate what we all know. Scapegoating is alive and well as never before. There are so many areas of the world, so many nations and corporations, so many political and family system, where this ... read more

Miasma in Leadership

For a long time, I've been intrigued by the way leadership style trickles down in all beauracracies. The style of the leader, let's say the president or CEO, is emulated, copied, mimicked... all ways of limiting  one's own special personal style ... read more

The Gods of Empire

Empires rise and fall and it is historically exciting to predict their beginnings and endings. The forces of instability that led to the so-called Arab uprising is linked to the first mention of a Caliphate, a fancy name for another empire in the ... read more

Leadership and Scapegoating

What can a leader of a group do about scapegoating in his or her own group? It's too easy to say that it is one of leaderships most important jobs even though successful leaders must protect talent, creativity, differences and fair demography from ... read more

The Dynamics of War

    No surprisingly,  since my last post in June, given the current events, Dr. Scapegoat has recieved several emails from Africa and the Middle East about the definition of Scapegoating in politics and warfare.  More specifically, ... read more

Scapegoating Our Children: An Ancient Epidemic

Why are high school and college students on a rampage against their peers? Eliot Rodgers' horrifying mayhem in Santa Barbara is so well documented by therapists, friends, police and parents that we have a personal narrative which explains a great ... read more

Hazing: A Quick and Dirty Fix

Hazing. It’s an activity I particularly dislike.   Pain, humiliation and shaming are invoked to “make men and women” out of boys and girls. Think of it like whipping our kids--or slaves, when slaves abounded in the United States. Think of it as a ... read more

Scapegoat-Lite vs. Positive Scapegoating

 A rather vexing cartoon  from last weeks New Yorker  had this lead: “Dan and Irene’s communication problems improve thanks to Richard, their couples  therapist.” The picture shows Dan with his arm around Irene,   happily bonding as they call  their ... read more