On Rape and Revenge …

I just watched this clip and I wanted your opinion on it. It is about that a British woman named Michaela, working in South Africa who was “gang-raped while on charitable mission to South Africa. Michaela had been assaulted by four men at knife-point in the middle of the night. “Throughout the experience,” she said, “I saw them as sacred beings. I knew that in my being and I was strong and clear and praying. I left my body some of the time but was very aware—trying to create a field of peace.” One of the men remained after the other three fled, to whom she offered forgiveness before he too fled”.


What would Dr. Scapegoat say about this? How would Revenge Inc. deal with something like this?



  1. drscapegoat says:

    The voice and sight of Michaela sharing her experience was painful, inspiring and unsettling to me. The pain of the violations by men who are part of why she was in South Africa which was to help to with the problem of AIDS as a volunteer from England, was evident. The content of her message was filled with love, light and forgiveness. She talked only a little about her own personal healing: feeling the joy sucked from her body then and now, wondering when she would feel whole again. Her message broad and deep and was against the cycle of violence. She felt that the men needed to be held responsible for their actions but almost as an aside to the larger need to connect with the sacredness of all men and women. she did not want to dwell on retribution.
    This is a woman who has been on a deep spiritual path for quite some time. She counts herself as wise woman. This horrible event is a powerful test of her philosophy of good works. Dr. Scapegoat is hopeful that Michaela can use all she has been working toward to overcome the depression, the fear and the deeply buried anger which is evident in her face, her voice, and what is unsaid in her message. This is the beginning in a long journey. She may continue to use this devastating event for her development and the development of the world. She may also face personal loss of meaning and even a change in her mission as the psychological trauma enfolds. She needs the support of her beliefs now and only time will tell whether their foundation is strong enough to support this experience.

    Revenge Inc. and Wiley and Dave would watch and wait. Michaela has no interest in revenge at present. To the contrary, those feelings would certainly violate her desire for being able to forgive, her desire to be a ‘Ghandi’ like person as she suggests.All her anger is currently on hold. In Colman’s new book, Revenge of the Scapegoat it took Debra Jean 2 years to face the personal and professional devastation she experienced and decide to see how to work out of all the anger that was fueling her increasingly vacant life. Michaela is better prepared and more developped and hopefulloy may not need their help.

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