response to thanks

I’m glad the blog and questions for Dr. S. have  served you.But your thanks does bring up an important trend which I’d like to alter.  So far this website has been  oriented to serious discussion of scapegoating and revenge theory and issues mostly as theyrelate  to news events, large issues in the world etc. But I am also hoping that individuals or groups who have felt the sting of scapegoating process, bullying, hazing etc. and are struggling with its  trauma and searching for  strategies for overcoming it (including fantasies of revenge) would ask Dr. S for his/her ideas and experience. (Does Dr. S have a sex? an archetypal secret).

The Revengeincthrillers series  is a fictional attempt to do just that. New book Revenge of the Scapegoat out on Amazon April First.

Dr. S.


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