Tayyip and Donald: Bullying Bedfellow

Dr. Scapegoat is overwhelmed these days.  Scapegoating, never just an academic matter or the stuff of family disputes, has become routine in the White House and international politics . I wake up remembering my Dr. Scapegoat blog and vow to write a post after breakfast  but  then pick up the newspapers (an ancient habit still  unreplaced by the various screens spouting real and fake news) and don’t know where to begin. Erdogan’s remarkably stupid comment telling Turkish families in Europe to have 5 babies rather than 3 to exact “revenge” on the Europeans and win the continent forced me to sit down and write.

Now I don’t want to scapegoat the current Turkish president. Part of scapegoating process is that victims seek revenge. So he is using a one-down political squabble with Germany and other European countries to unleash Turkish babies as a political weapon! (Palestinian Leaders and many others have asked for much the same thing from their population.) National pride is a way of mobilizing populations to do all kinds of acts. But more pregnancies? How about asking the parents before sending them to their conjugal bed?

But Erdogan’s invective is part of many world leaders’ bizarre hunt for new was to gain power by  bypassing  conventional war.   Nuclear power makes war problematic for national political leaders  (but not for terrorists).  In our current interconnected  world order, almost anything else is safer. So  they use lies, false news, blackmail,  scapegoating and now even full wombs, to feel potent and virile.

Tayyip and Donald are such such a natural bully, an archetypal scapegoaters, aren’t they?  Our Donald is the simpler man: uncontrollable as a child and limited in education despite the financial means, traumatized by sibling death, he actively hates anyone who threatens him and makes him reflect on his own inadequacies. So he attacks and scapegoats the weakest and most vulnerable people and communities. The more power he collects the bolder his bullying gets:poor seniors, CNN, the Endowment for the Arts, non whites,  Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians are relatively easy marks. But Obama, Australia, Mexico England and Merkel? It’s becoming obvious that anyone who is not him is vulnerable!

As I looked over my political posts in Dr.Scapegoat,  I was struck with how well a knowledge of scapegoating helps in the difficult art of prediction. (See previous posts. Dr. Scapegoat Wonders  About CEO’S As Presidents, Bully Trump is a Great Scapegoat.) Projections of power onto CEO billionaires and Entertainers (Trump’s  claims  to fame), are our populations ways of ignoring and putting down other,  more substantial  talents and careers that are far more difficult, important and meaningful to our world. Trump was pushed to the foreground by our ignorance and false assumptions . His friends, more powerful people with greater and destructive visions, than used him, scapegoating him  the way many charismatic targets have been scapegoated  before him. (See the French revolution for example.) Now we have him as super-ordinate world leader. We have sown the wind and now shall reap the whirlwind.

On a positive predictive note. Scapegoating groups and leaders are not built on strength. They are the aggressiveproducts of their own weakness. When they face competence, energy, and most all non-complicit resistance they are threatened. Then they tend to enlarge their field of action beyond their limited competence and show themselves for who they. Well The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Hopefully we will all participate in  what happens beyond our TV and phone screens.

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