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up from scapegoating

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The Dr. Scapegoat website is an extension of Arthur D. Colman’s groundbreaking research and analysis in “Up from Scapegoating: Awakening Consciousness in Groups,” published in 1996 and the first book to connect the Jungian focus on individual development to group development. That’s an important distinction and one that must be addressed before the healing can begin.

Scapegoating is a group process. It may affect individuals, subgroups, or even concepts, but scapegoating arises through and from the group — of all and any kind, social to political, the workplace or the family unit.

Victims of scapegoating are not to blame for the abuse. Nor is the group at fault for the scapegoating process. Individuals within the group may be guilty of acting out the torment, but in terms of the group, the act of scapegoating is an organic, endemic process. We can run but we cannot hide from scapegoating; it is a part of our lives, as group-forming animals. The challenge, as “Up from Scapegoating” addresses, is to understand what scapegoating is and where and why it arises so that we can begin the process of change and healing.

Revenge of the Scapegoat

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True-Life Fiction from Dr. Colman

Just releasedRevenge of the Scapegoat, the latest title in Dr. Colman’s riveting series of psycho-thrillers.

Years of working with victims of scapegoating inspired Dr. Colman to create the series, which explores the dark side of the scapegoat process and the often-deadly, always passionate response — revenge.

Aptly titled Revenge, Inc., the series is based on real-life stories woven together to create intricate, compelling, and psychoanalytically correct fictional forays into what drives victims to seek and secure payback, at any and all costs.

Learn more about the series — and the modern-day knights of retribution, Wiley Stone and Dave Blue — at the Revenge, Inc. website. Read an excerpt of Revenge of the Scapegoat here.