Workshop on Scapegoating, Effigies in Asilomar

effigyEvery two years the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society allows Pilar Montero and Arthur Colman (Dr. Scapegoat) to give a workshop on Group Process. This year, May 31-June 2, at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California, we’ll be leading Beyond Scapegoating: Overcoming and Transforming Blaming.  

A partial description from the brochure: “Group life (in families, organizations, communities) is plagued by overt and covert blame, creating a scapegoating process resulting in a loss of familiar incentives. Unmasking the rejected voice of the scapegoat may catalyze transformation through hidden meanings revealed.”

We have developed something new to help in this process. Our technique allows for figures, effigies, which we have collected and large enough to be manipulated to form a kaleidoscope of altars, as a means to manifest and transform the ongoing life of groups.

Effigies are figures representative of persons, animals, gods and other exalted beings, all redolent with archetypal meaning, which Webster’s defines as a number of persons or things united by a common bond. We (Arthur Colman and Pilar Montero) have used them nationally and internationally to elucidate conscious and unconscious processes in group trainings and consultations to various organizations.

Through these visual energy fields we are able to create and immerse ourselves in the time-honored rituals and ceremonies that occur around the world when collectives need to express and manage powerful emotions such as fear, anger, love and loss. Furthermore, through the continuous reforming and re-patterning of these figures by group members, we can uncover archetypal subtrata of the ongoing group process akin to the typical use of effigies in politically or religiously based demonstrations.

The workshop is mostly for professionals with special interests in training others about scapegoating.

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